• Automatic and continuous operation
  • Continuous feed-in & discharge in vacuum state
  • Final product is in dry and granulate condition
  • Temperature adjustment depends on type of raw material
  • Moisture content of product can adjusted
  • Keep heat-sensitive material property & clean
  • Keep fragrance, good dissolubility
  • Continuous discharge after 30-60mins, collecting rate reaches 99%
  • Operate with all kinds of liquid & solid raw material
  • Automatic CIP operation according to GMP requirement

Vacuum belt dryer can accomplish continuous feeding and continuous discharging of material in vacuum state, turn the traditional static drying to dynamic vacuum drying. This type of drying reduce traditional drying time from 10-20 hours to 30-60 minutes (depends on materials), to reach the goal of adjusting drying temperature according to different materials, which solve the problem difficult to spraying drying, and another problem that traditional drying oven spend a long time causing the material to loose its texture, taste, and color.

Vacuum band dryers are installations which handle a continuous flow of paste and viscous liquid, in other words materials which are heat sensitive and not totally solid.


Vacuum belt dryer (VBD) is used in drying all kinds of liquid or paste, such as foodstuff , biological products, health food, food additive etc, especially suitable for drying material which are high-viscosity, easy for mass formation, or thermoplastic , with thermal sensitivity, or not be dried/not suitable by means of spray dryer. For these materials, Vacuum belt dryer is the best choice.


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